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Thursday, December 11, 2008


They are in! Hot off the press(bacon press that is). It is the 2009 Mad Meat Genius Bacon Calendar. It is 12 months of porky delights highlighted by an image of bacon or pork that has been featured on Mad Meat Genius. They have been printed in a very limited quantity. Featured today is February, a beautiful hunk of smoked belly from the Fatted Calf. Throughout the year, days have been marked with images of friends and events to be noted. This is the perfect stocking stuffer. You can purchase one if you hurry. Oh! just a second, the phone is ringing.

I am sorry to announce that the last 2009 Mad Meat Genius Bacon Calender was just purchased. This is the perfect excuse to make your own. It was very simple. All that is needed is some photos, computer and a credit card. There are dozens of photo web sites to purchase and make your own. They do make a great personalized gift. Have Fun!


meathenge said...

I got mine! Thank you so much!

Funny thing is, I was heading out this week to find one.

Happy Cheers!

cookiecrumb said...

I ain't buying one. Doesn't have your photo of my bacon on it.

Happy Cheers! Anyway.

Chilebrown said...

Your bacon was on the cusp. Unfortanetly it made the cutting room floor. That is not to say your bacon was awesome. Sometimes an editor has to make hard decisions. If there was 13 months to the year. We could call it 'Cookiecrumber'. There would be 2 days in the month. Cookiecrumb Day and Cranky Day. I am writing Obama right now!