Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We have never needed an excuse to have beef with dinner. A large roast is always welcome in the Chilebrown household. Christmas time is traditionally celebrated with a Prime Rib Roast at our home. It also helps that our local supermarket puts them on sale at this time of year. Our local store has Choice Rib Eye Bone-in Roast for 5.99/pd on sale this week. It is usually a good idea to order in advance, because sometimes they sell out. This conversation actually took place when I ordered our roast. The names have been changed to protect the "Intelligence Challenged"

IDGIT..... Hello, 'Acme Superstore Meat Department', How may I help you?

MMG ........Hi, I would like to order a 6 pound Rib Eye Roast for the 24th.

IDGIT..... How many bones will that be?

MMG...... I am not sure, I would like 6 pounds please.

IDGIT...... You have to tell me how many bones.

MMG........ Okay, How much does one bone weigh?

IDGIT....... I do not know. How many people do you want to feed?

MMG........ We want to feed 2 but we want a lot of leftovers.
IDGIT...... You know that is an awful lot of meat for two people, Have you
ever considered cutting down on your red meat consumption.

MMG...... Your kidding right, Who put you up to this? I would like
to order a 6 pound roast. Why don't you ask somebody to help
You, Okay!

IDGIT .....Please, Hold

IDGIT.... Okay your 3 bone roast will be ready on the 24th. Oh, and have a
nice day.
MMG .....Thankyou, and Merry Christmas.

Well the Roast was picked up and it is a 7 pound, 3 bone beauty. Ordering the roast was a little challenging for some parties. Have a great Christmas Eve. See you tomorrow!


Kailyn said...

For two? The dogs don't get any?

Chilebrown said...

Oh You know they will!

cookiecrumb said...


We always order our roast by the rib count. This year, for three ribs we got just over 7 pounds. I don't even want to tell you how much it cost.

But! I trimmed off the rib cap, cleaned it of fat and silverskin, rolled it and tied it. It's waiting in the freezer until we eat our way through the rib eye.

Merry Christmas, you two. And the doggies, too.

Chilebrown said...

I talked to Cranky, and I know how much it cost. You are worth it twice over. I am wondering if we did a taste test, which would be better?
I think that Your Roast will be best. It is supposed to be a special treat, and Christmas time is special!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Chile and Ms. Goofy!!! I haven't done a salt crusted prime rib in a long time, maybe next year. Packing a full 109 roast in 6 pounds of kosher salt is a thing of beauty.

cookiecrumb said...

I doubt there'd be much difference in flavor, depending on what your cow was fed. But I suspect there's a nice tenderness in the pricier cuts. (Which, scary to say, probably just means higher fat content.)

Unknown said...

Uh huh, how was the gravy?