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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


What is Malfatti? Malfatti was, and continues, to be Ms. Goofy's favorite pasta(?) dish. We used to travel to Napa Valley, California with one destination in mind, the"Depot" This restaurant was a small 'Italian Family Style' establishment housed in an old building that sort of looked like a Train Depot. It was very popular for its good , inexpensive, and plentiful food. Clemente Citonni and his Brother owned and ran the joint. The Brother was the bartender, Citonni's Daughter was the host and the rest of the Family helped out. It was a family affair. They also had a thriving 'To- Go" business that ran out of the back door. You would have to bring your own containers to hold all the great Malfatti , Ravioli. and Sauce. Unfortunately they closed a couple of years back.

You are probably still wondering, What is Malfatti? Malfatti translated from the Italian language means, "'Poorly made', 'Mistake '". In this case it is the filling of ravioli with out the pasta. It is a spinach and flour mixture that is boiled and served with a sauce and grated cheese. It is a delicate and filling dish both . The Chilebrown kitchen has tried to duplicate the expertise of Clemente Citonni with un-stellar results.


Hallelujah!, Clemente and his Daughter Angie have returned to Napa to make their famous Malfatti and other Italian dishes to take home. They have created a space in Val's in Napa. It is only a couple of blocks from the original location. This small kitchen turns out Pasta, Minestrone, Gnocchi, Spaghetti, etc, and sauce too. Everything is 'To-Go' and bringing your own container is encouraged.


Tonight, We are having Malfatti and Ravioli accompanied with a Heritage Porterhouse Pork steak from the Fatted Calf. (Only a couple of blocks away). It will be grilled over a mesquite fire. This will be a dinner from the 'Depot Memory Lane'. The only thing missing will be Clemente's Brother telling us jokes from behind the bar!


liteluvr said...

I'll bet the Malfatti would be awesome with a nice bolognese sauce, or even a rich alfredo.

And the porterhouse, well, it's a porterhouse... what else needs to be said?

Mighty fine looking meal there.

Zoomie said...

OMG, those steaks look like heaven!

meathenge said...

I had a can of progresso and some microwave lasagna.