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Saturday, June 20, 2009


It is always a treat to find a local hot sauce. Today we have found a green hot sauce from Dixon California. This sauce is sold from a Produce store located right off the Dixon exit on California Interstate 80. This is a wonderful store stocked with fruits, nuts and a lot of local vegetables. This bottle of green heat caught my eye.

The ingredients listed on the bottle claim to be all natural. Jalapeno, Habanero, Wine Vinegar and onion puree are the main ingredients. The sauce is a course puree. There is some texture to this concoction. A quick taste on a spoon was tried. This is one flavorful sauce. It definitely had a jalapeno and onion flavor. I think I have found green gold. The burn was a medium heat. Just enough to grab your attention, but not enough to make you gasp. Now for a real taste treat.

Microwaved Pork Rinds did not exist in my world till today. I never new such a product ever existed. Once I found them, I had to have them. This will be the perfect vehicle for my 'green gold'. The package directions were followed to release the chicharonne bonanza. The verde sauce was applied liberally and I was in 'Spicy Hot Fried Pork Fat Heaven'. Oh Yeah!!!!!
This sauce is a winner. I will have to return to the Dixon Fruit Market and stock up.
Dixon Fruit Market
7808 Batavia Rd.
Dixon, CA. 95620 (707) 678-4211

Photos by Dr. Biggles


cookiecrumb said...

I might have to put in my order for a bottle now.

Chilebrown said...

We will pick up a bottle for you next time we stop.