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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is Hot Sauce from California Interstate 5. Granzella's is a pit stop for all traveler's on the main travel artery of the Golden State. Granzella's is a traveler's delight. Home cooking, souvenirs, deli, lounge, motor home parking, olives, gourmet items to go and Granzella's hot sauces are there to experience at Granzella's. Today we are trying the house brand of "Good and Evil" hot sauce.

The ingredients are a 'hodge podge' of fruit and peppers. Habanero, Jalapeno, Red Bell peppers, ginger, garlic and orange juice are just a few ingredients. A little sample was poured on to a plate. The sauce was fairly thin. You can see some little flakes of the Red Bell pepper. A clean finger was inserted into this bulls eye of flavor. The first hit on the tongue was orange and ginger. There was only a little flair of heat. This sauce definitely leans toward the sweet side.

The taste test was with some fried chicken and salad. This was a good accompaniment to this fried fowl of goodness. It was a little too good. The heat was just not there. I wish it was a little more evil.

451 6th St.
Williams, California. 95987 530-473-5583


Andrew said...

The hot sauce sounds interesting, something a little difference. Too bad it wasn't hot (although I think your definition might be a little more intense than most!)

Love the focacia post, it is one of my go-to breads, can't get enough!

cookiecrumb said...

"It was a little too good."

Pure poetry.

Greg said...

Man, I might have to make some fried chicken this weekend.

Hot sauce that isn't hot just ain't right.