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Monday, October 12, 2009


Today's Meat Adventure takes us to Northern California. We are going to visit 'R & R Quality Meats' and Kent's Meats both located in Redding. Redding is located at the base of the Shasta Dam and is home to the world famous Sundial Bridge. Redding just so happens to be where my bro-in-law parks his Harley that he will not let me ride.

R & R is a full service Meat Market. It is a very popular place that is well staffed. The place is crowded but you will receive service promptly. We were amused by pig shaped out of ground pork. Some pork bellies and some beautiful beef ribs were purchased. The bellies will be cured into some bacon. R & R is a great place to pick up any protein that you may need.
Our next stop is Kents Meats. We are visiting Kents to pick up a ham and some bacon that is smoked on the premise. Kents is an all purpose market. They have a well stocked produce section and all the basic grocery items. They also have some cured pork products. They make their own sausage and smoke various meat products. We filled up our ice chest with sausage, bacon and ham. It is time to fire up the barbeque.

2105 East St.
Redding Ca. 96001

Kents Meat and Groceries
8080 Airport Rd
Redding, CA 96002-9445
(530) 365-4322

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