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Saturday, October 3, 2009


San Francisco the city of Cable Cars, Bridges, Great Restaurants and the Ferry Plaza was our episode this morning . The Ferry Plaza is a world class food destination. On Saturday's they have the best produce California has to offer. Inside the Plaza you can shop for any ingredient you could ever dream of. What did Chilebrown buy on this excursion to food mecca? A bag of 'Grandma Utz's handcooked potato chips was procured These slivers of spud are fried in the nectar from the Heavens. (Lard)

These chips are the real deal. They taste the way chips used to taste. They were found at Boccalone, my favorite place to get a meat cup. Next time you take a vacation and visit San Francisco be sure to pick up a bag of Grandma Utzs Handcoooked Potato Chips.

P.S. They are actually made in Pennsylvania


Anonymous said...

A little lard never hurt anyone. I have a friend who is from Pennsylvania, and has a steady parade of visiting relatives. I'm going to have to beg for them to deliver an allotment.

Greg said...

You wade into the belly of the localvore beast and buy chips from Pennsylvania.


cookiecrumb said...

Oh, I am squirrely. Wiggly.
I checked their web site, and it's cheaper to buy three 8-oz. bags online than to pay the bridge toll and parking (sorry, Chris).
Plus! Gluten free.
Thanks, dolling.

Chilebrown said...
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