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Saturday, October 18, 2008


It was time to make our monthly pilgrimage to the Ferry Plaza. We can drive to San Francisco in 25 minutes with no traffic. You may notice how that disclaimer of no traffic was thrown in. Saturday morning's are usually good. Our drive was without incident. There is a parking lot that charges five dollars that is about 6 blocks away. That is a bona fide bargain in the City. It is exciting to go to the Ferry Plaza Market Place, You can find any food item that you may ever want at 'Top of the Mark' quality. We have been going for awhile and are first name basis with some vendors.
Chris is one of the Head Honchos at Zuckerman Farms. They are based in Stocton Ca. They specialize in asparagus and potatoes. Chris is a big University of California Football fan. (Go Bears). We have to go by and say hello to Chris. If you get a chance to visit him, ask for some asparagus raviolis. He sometimes hides them for special customers.

I have to give special Kudos to Leah from Tierra Vegetables. I have known Leah and her 'Shoeless Brother' for over 15 years. Leah inspired me to smoke my own jalapenos to make chipotle. I can partly blame her for my chile obsession. Today we bought a Mayan Habanero Sauce from her. It is called Mateo Granados "El Yuca". I cannot wait to try it. Leah gave us a sample of a pepper called Paper Lantern. I know she just wanted to see my reaction to this pepper. I was brave and took a healthy bite. The swelling in my tongue has finally gone down.

We love to go to the Ferry Plaza. We do a lot of food browsing. Every time we go there we find something new and exciting. I feel like a tourist in my own neighborhood. Give it a try!


liteluvr said...

Ah, the joys of big city livin... or at least being close to one.
Being landlocked, the closest we get is the odd farmer's market here and there in the season.
Great pictures too... oldest kid has been hitting me up to take her back to the Bay area again...

Zoomie said...

It's fun to go over on the ferry, too, that leaves from Larkspur Landing or Vallejo - they dock right there and it adds a trip on the bay to all the fun of the market - and no parking fees!

Monkey Wrangler said...

I'm with Zoomie on the Ferry bit. I used to like hitting the Tuesday market (coming from Jack London) and then going on to the Cal Academy when it was (temporarily) on Harrison with the kiddies. They got to see penguins and fishes while I got to stuff my face with the loot in the backpack.

Chilebrown said...

The Ferry is the way to go. No matter how you get there, it is worth it!