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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Dancer's at the Salsa Festival

Our first stop was Phoenix Arizona. This was no easy task. It was a 12 hour drive. We were motivated
by the fact We were going to meet our good friend Scott Pinkerton. Scott is the Genius behind The Pragmatic Chef. The Pragmatic Chef is an informative and humorous blog. He shares recipes, grilling tips and food related stories. We have been a fan for several years.

We rolled into Tempe, Arizona, parched after our trek through the desert. We headed straight to the Four Peaks Microbrewery. It is a huge Cavernous warehouse located next to Arizona State University. This is the place to be. It was packed. We bellied up to the bar and had a 'Raj IPA'. It was very good. It tasted like a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on steroids. This was followed by a cask conditioned Oatmeal Stout. It smelled like coffee and chocolate. I was in beer nirvana. We had to leave to make our dinner date with Scott.

We met Scott at a Restaurant in Scottsdale called the 'Carlsbad Tavern'. This place had a cave and bat theme. The temperature was 102 degrees. There were misters cooling the outside seating area. Scott arrived and we recognized each other even though we have never met. We grabbed a table and surveyed the menu. The food theme was Southwestern. Chile's were present in all the dishes. This is just what we came for. We ordered numerous items to get a taste tour. Our favorite item was the Habanero Hamburger. It lit up our mouth with a fruity delicious after burn.

It was great to finally meet Scott. We chatted like two old friends that have been apart for awhile. Of course the majority of our conversing was about food and chiles. We said our goodbyes and Scott presented us a very generous parting gift. It was some of his products. It included his special Olive Oil, Vinegar and his famous Survival Spice. Thanks Scott!!!!!!!!! We hope to see you again soon! Oh and Julie, We will cherish the pasta.


Dagny said...

Yeah, but did you dance?

Zoomie said...

Does beer quench chilis, or do the chilis win?

meathenge said...

Hi Scott!


Anonymous said...

Hi Biggles!

We were hoping that you would teleport in and join us. Our next get together needs to involve cooking in up, and swilling another dozen Kilt Lifters.

Chilebrown said...

Dagny, We would of danced if you were present. We were drinking Kilt Lifter beers. I need to buy a Kilt!
Zoomie, I need to give you some Bhut Jolokia, Beer, and some ice cream. You will want the ice cream.
Pragmatic Chef. Hi Julie, See what you missed.

I got a brined Turkey on the smoker. Yeah!

Candy Rant said...

I just about jumped out of my skin when Scott showed me that photo. I thought he had dared to take the family heirloom out of the house!

Hope to see you and Mrs. Goofy soon!