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Friday, October 10, 2008


The Salsa Trail had ended and it was time to come home. A brief detour through Las Vegas was in order. A lot of food has been consumed this last week. Hopefully a Meat Adventure could be squeezed in on our last leg of the journey. Alien Fresh Jerky caught our eye in Baker, California. A quick pit stop was in order because of the creepy family sitting out front. Something with more meat was our quest. Wolfsen's would be our next stop.

Wolfsen's is located in Gustine California. It is 5 miles off the interstate 5. An easy way to remember directions, is to take the the famous 'Anderson's Pea Soup' exit and keep going until you arrive in Gustine. Gustine is home of the nations largest Festa and steeped in Portuguese tradition according to their website. It is also home to Wolfesn's Meat & Sausage Co.

Wolfsen's is sausage heaven. They feature over 60 types of fresh and smoked sausage. It will be my duty to try all 60 someday. They do have a sausage tasting October 4 at the town Oktoberfest. It will be on my calender for next year. Wolfsen's smokes and cures bacon, hams turkeys and salmon. Of course some bacon was procured. They have Jerky and roasts. They also serve sandwiches and have a deli counter. A very nice touch to Wolfsen's is the price. We are so used to paying the Bay Area surcharge, this was a breath of fresh air to the wallet.

The ice chest was loaded and homeward bound we were. This Meat Adventure to Wolfsen's was the icing on the cake for a wonderful vacation.
Wolfsen's Meat & Sausage
358 South Ave.
Gustine, California


Andrew said...

Looks awesome; I'm going to have to go on a meat adventure sometime soon.

liteluvr said...

Wow.... freakin'... heaven.
Can't say much more than that. Meat, meat and lotsa more meat.