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Friday, October 17, 2008


A pretty name for a pretty pepper. The origin is from Trinidad. It is in the Habanero family of peppers. This pepper could be mistaken for the almighty 'Hab' The color is a bright yellow. It is a little later in the morning, so instead of trying this pepper with coffee, It will be tried with an ice cold beverage. This beverage will be a malted, carbonated, light and very slightly hopped.

Perfume in the name may be a little misleading. No odor, pleasant or not was detected. A deep breath was taken, and the small tip of the pepper was consumed. Surprise, Surprise, there was no burn. In fact this pepper is very mild. The taste was a little like a bell. It was not very sweet, which was a surprise. When peppers turn from green to their color a little sweetness is usually detected.

The Trinidad Perfume is a beautiful ornamental pepper. It is a welcome addition to the Chilebrown Pepper Patch.

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