Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


How hot is to hot? I usually have some sort of pepper or hot sauce daily. I love the flavor, taste and the rush with all things peppers. Sometimes you have to draw the line. I crossed that line the other day. I crossed it with 'Beelze Bob's Breath Barbeque Sauce".

Some ribs and chicken were smoked in the Smokenator 1000. They were cooked low and slow. As a rule when I order barbeque from a restaurant, the sauce is always ordered on the side. Good barbeque does not need a slathering of sauce. Sauce can be used to hide an inferior 'Que'. When meat is smoked at the Chilebrown house, sauce is served on the side, except today. The ribs were almost done. A quick trip to the Chilebrown pantry and a bottle of barbeque sauce was grabbed. A bottle from Memphis Minnies was chosen. The bottle was opened and slathered over the finishing meat. The meal was looking stellar. Some Thai peanut coleslaw and some black bean corn salsa were the sides. The ribs were falling of the bone. Wow, they had a blast of heat. I was taken back a few notches. I went and grabbed the bottle of sauce. The ingredients had habanero chili and red chili flakes. Oh yes it does. There is a warning on the bottle that says: "ITS STUPID HOT. Ms. Goofy took one bite. That was enough for her. Her dinner consisted of sides only. I had a lot of leftovers.

Beezle Bob's Breath Barbeque Sauce is not for the timid. You can purchase it at Memphis Minnies. Beezle Bob's will be used on some hot wings next. I will have to eat them by myself.


meathenge said...

Oh poo, how hot could it really be. Heh.


Dagny said...

I'm with you on the sauce on the side thing.

Now I'm wondering if my dad has a bottle of that stuff around. If not, I think I know what he's getting for Christmas this year.

liteluvr said...

Well, don't feel bad. It's a well known fact that us fellers don't read the fine print.

Even when it's not so fine and in big bold letters right on the front of the bottle.

Chilebrown said...

You may be interested that I am experimenting with making my own barbeque sauces. The magic ingredient will be Bhut Jolokia peppers. I have already thought of a name.
"BigglePoo". Reverend would you like to be my first taster?

meathenge said...

Um, not unless you want to be known as the Bacon F again?

Howabout, Biggles' Bucktoothed Revenge?

Dagny said...

I like Biggles's suggestion for a name.