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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Barbeque is a serious business to a lot of people. I feel it is my duty to try every barbeque establishment in the Bay Area. I have enlisted help in my QUEst. We have organized barbeque crawls. They are way to much fun. One BBQ place stood out on our adventure. This place is a step above the rest. It has been consistently good every time I have visited . This smoke palace of meaty delights is called Memphis Minnies.
Memphis Minnies is located on lower Haight St. It just happens to be across the street from the Toronado Pub. The Toronado has 50 or more beers on tap. It is a destination in itself, but that is another story. Memphis Minnies is not a large place. What they lack in size is made up with colorful decor and great food. Walking in you will go by a counter showcasing the meats and side dishes. You step up to the counter and place your order. The hard part is finding a place to sit. The place is usually packed.
The Beef Ribs are some of the best I have ever had. It is hard to find a Meaty Beef Rib. These ribs must of been taken from a prehistoric Fred Flinstone type steer. They have been coated with a dry rub and have been smoked over a green almond wood. This meat is falling off the bone. At each table there is a choice of three barbeque sauces. There is a tomato , vinegar,and mustard base sauce. You can go to the cashier and request the hot sauce.
The brisket is moist and juicy. It has the perfect smoke ring. The pork ribs have just the right amount of smoke. I ate it without any sauce at all. Ms. Goofy had a pulled pork sandwich. I am not sure how she like it because she was moaning, slurping and licking her plate. (and then mine). The side dishes are plentiful. All the side dishes are made from scratch. The cornbread was just out of the oven. We did not make it to the desserts.
Memphis Minnies serves Anchor steam on tap and has a collection of Sake. Sake sounds a little unusual, but it goes well with barbeque. The owner Bob Kantor is Sake expert. We met him on our crawl. He is a dedicated and passionate man. His love for this restaurant shows.There is a Saturday and Sunday Brunch. We will return to try the "Barbequed Pork Rolls w/ chipotle chili dressing" and everything else.

Memphis Minnies

576 Haight St.

San Francisco, Ca. 94117

415 864-PORK

Anybody interested in "Barbeque Crawl"?
Beef Rib Photograph by Dr. Biggles


cookiecrumb said...

Great legs on that Guy in the doorway.

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

the brunch is back? FOR REALS?

I heard that they discontinued it last year for lack of interest (which shocked me, as I thought it was awesome. their biscuits & gravy in a parfait cup was inspired...)

meathenge said...

DANGNABBIT !!! That's MY ass with my shorts all bunched up in there.

Great legs though ...


Chilebrown said...

Anita, I am not sure about the Brunch. It is still listed on the website. When we were on the crawl, Bob showed us the menu. Everything sounded so great, it would be a shame if they stopped. That was a while ago.