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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus Inc

Ms. Goofy wanted a Ham for Easter. She wanted something special. I suggested our local Mega-Plaza-Food-Emporium. They had Ham on sale for 49. cents a pound. If you have a coupon, you could get two for one. She suggested we try a ‘Mini Meat Adventure’ and travel down to Dittmer’s. I said I would only agree, if I did not have to wear the Big Bunny Suit tonight. Oh well, off to Dittmer’s we go.

Dittmer’s is located in Mountain View, Ca. It is in a small strip mall about a mile off the main freeway. When you get out of your car the first thing you notice is a smokehouse smell. Something good inside is waiting for you. When you walk in there is mass of people waiting for sandwiches and meat products. You take a number and wait for just a minute or two. We had to get out of the rotation because we could not decide on, over one hundred products made on premise.

I introduced myself to Mark. He told me about the Schinken Speck. He got excited about telling me about it. After tasting it I know why! You will learn all about it in a future ‘Bacon Revue’. He gave us a bunch of samples. We browsed a little more and got to meet Mark’s dad “Dittmer”. The way I understand it, that is his first name. Rock Stars and Killer Meat men only go by their first name you know. He is a Rock Star. Mark and Dittmer’s have the best Meat Market in the Bay Area!!

Dittmer’s has a lot of German products like mustard, pickles, preserves, spices, etc. for sale. They sell sandwiches. The list of meat products is overwhelming. They have a slough of awards. We left with a ice chest full of smoky goodness. I cannot wait till tomorrow to have our ham. I do not have to wear the Bunny Suit tonight!
400 San Antonio Rd
Mountain View, Ca.

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meathenge said...

Um, if anyone is asking, I'm the reason CB doesn't have a fancy photograph of the double smoked pork loin. He was kind enough to send me home with a hunk. But it was too good and didn't last a moment. I would drive to Mt. View just for that cured meat. And I will.