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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This Sunday we went on a mini Meat Adventure. We ventured over to the City to visit Avedano's Holly Park Market. It is an old fashioned real life Meat Market. I discovered this place through a magazine called "meatpaper". This magazine is a new publication that is all about meat. You know I had to subscribe.

Avedano's is located in the Bernal Heights district of San Francisco. It is a funky old neighborhood which has turned into a trendy and urban chic destination. There are plenty of boutiques, cafes and coffee shops. There now is Avedano's. It originally opened in 1901 and was called Ciero's until it closed in the 80's. Three women (Tia Harrison, Angela Wilson and Melanie Eisemann) are the present owners.

It is everything you would imagine of an old butcher shop. When you walk in you will notice a bull inlayed in the floor tile. It is very clean and tidy. There are old pictures of Ciero's displayed on the walls. The meat display cases have a selection of Beef and Pork, often from local farmers and producers. Everything is natural (no hormones,antibiotics), free range and or grass-fed. There is Kobe Beef, Buffalo Rib Eyes and duck. There is something for everybody.

Avedano's is a quality meat market. I would frequent it if I lived a little closer. We did not actually purchase anything today. We were on our way to the second half of our Meat Adventure. (Memphis Minnies)

AVEDANO'S - 235 Courtland Av. San Francisco, Ca. 94110

415- 285-MEAT


Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

you guys were on a meat adventure.

2 blocks from our house.

And you didn't call for backup?

Dag, Chile. I thought we were friends. (OK, maybe friends of friends, but still!) :D

Chilebrown said...

Anita, You are very lucky to live so close to a quality Meat Market. As far as the Meat Adventure goes, You are allways welcome.