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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


“GET YOUR GRILL ON” (All the hot you can handle)

I will be a new contributor to this food blog. It is a conglomeration of different Authors that write about grilling and related subjects. I will probably have two or so articles a month. I am very much jazzed about it. I am only an infant in the Blogoshere. This will be a fabulous opportunity to mature and become more comfortable in posting. I have been having a lot of fun these last two months. I want to thank Family and Friends for all the encouragement I have received. I have met some new people through Mad Meat Genius. I am grateful for their comments and support.

Why is there a huge steak on the cover? I feel like celebrating. I would like a humongous steak for dinner. It is not going to happen tonight. I guess I will just have to look at a steak that was served to me at Alfred’s Steakhouse in the City. Alfred’s is one of my favorite steakhouses on the West Coast. When you walk into Alfred’s, it is like stepping back into time. I want to go out and buy a Fedora and learn how to smoke cigars. I am just waiting for Bogart to walk in. This steak weighed 64 ounces. It even has a name of the ‘Kingdom’. If you’re wondering if I ate it all, I did but it took three days.

I just wanted to tell you about ‘Get Your Grill On”. Please come by and take a look. The Meat Adventure has only just begun. Hey, you ever break out into song? I am so excited I am going to sing. (Karen Carpenter). “ We’ve only just begun to live, White lace and promises, A kiss for luck and were on our way, and yes we have “, Hey Mojo & Oscar, GET OFF THE COUCH!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mojo, Did you hear anything? Oscar, go back to sleep, Chile is on the computer.


meathenge said...

I want that martini in my mowf.


Andrew said...

The new site looks great, and just in time for summer (at least I think one day it will be summer in the midwest).