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Saturday, March 29, 2008


"Tonight, we have a re-e-e-ally BIG SHEW!" On our stage tonight is a very Gifted and Talented Entertainer. Let me present a Friend and a Legend."The Reverend Dr. Biggles."

Picture a Norwegian Axe Murderer waiving at you. Dr. Biggles is here at Mad Meat Genius to bring you a most excellent slab of bacon. Holy crud Batman! It's almost exactly 2 years ago today that I posted CB's and mines Meat Adventure to Dittmers Wurst Haus in Mountain View. Dang, how cool is that? Lo and behold that's where CB and his wife Ms. Goofy meandered on down to a week ago. I remember waking up early Saturday morning to an email from him asking if I wanted anything from Dittmer's? Ha, YEAH I do! A slab of bacon and 6 garlic sausages please. He received the email in time. I was SET. The last slab I dove in to was good, but nothing to write home about. Good meat texture, decent fat to meat ratio, not much sugary cure and the smoke was light. But not this time, the smoke flavor was spot on. Not nearly as much as their double smoked pork loin, but right in there where you want it. The meat texture was quite firm and the fat stood its ground. When fried to a medium, no salty death. And the fact the slab comes in a little over 4 dollars a pound, I give it 2 Thumbsup with a broad smile to match.
XO Biggles.

Rating: 2 Thumbsup
Cost: 4.49/pound
Where: Dittmer's Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus, Inc.
400 San Antonio Road Mountain View, CA (650) 941 - 380

Thankyou Dr. Biggles!!! You can view more of the Reverend at Meathenge.

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