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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It is that time of year that Asparagus is hitting the stores and farmers markets. The Chilebrown household will probably have some sort of Asparagus dish on the weekend for the next two months. It will be made into Soup, Chow Mein, deep fried, baked, boiled, steamed, barbequed, quiche and my favorite bacon wrapped. The flavor of these Green Spears of Spring will be at their best for the next few months. After the season is over, I will have to go cold turkey, like an addict. Yes, My name is Chilebrown, and I am an Asparagus Freak. I just wanted to warn you of the Asparagus fun to come.

Speaking of Asparagus fun, the Asparagus Festival is right around the corner. It is to be held in Downtown Stockton, Ca. April 25-27. This is an event not to be missed. Martin Yan will be giving a cooking demonstration. He is always entertaining and usually gives a 'R' rated version of his act. There will be an Asparagus eating contest. Joey Chestnut a World Class Trencherman will be competing. Greg Kihn, Joan Jett and 'War' will be performing. The most important part of the festival will be the food. The Deep Fried Asparagus is something not to be missed. They even will have Asparagus Ice Cream and Asparagus Margaritas. Hope to see you there!!

ASPARA-GUS after to many Asparagus Margaritas


Andrew said...

Enjoy them "sparklers" as my German grandmother used to say. Fresh, in-season asparagus is a thing of beauty, while the out of season stuff shouldn't be legal. Next year maybe I'll get it together and plant a few.

meathenge said...

Dood, you totally need to get your tape of you and Altman digitized. We'll upload it to youtube and post it here!


Chilebrown said...

I was Young and Nervous. I am now Old and Mad. Mad about Meat that is. I would like to leave it as a pleasant memory of my six minutes of fame. Hey that means I have 9 more minutes.