Chilebrown at home

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Covered Meat Pie or Calazone, whatever you may call it, it was darn tooting good. It was a beautiful clear sunny day in the Bay Area. This was a perfect day to fire up the wood burning oven. I checked our local government website to see if they would grant permission to build a wood fire today. Thank goodness the coin flip made it legal to burn wood and use your barbeque. Bureaucracy be damned. The beehive was stoked with almond wood. Once the fire is going, a soothing calm is enjoyed watching the flames flicker.

Some pizza pie dough was made. It is a secret recipe that I will share with you. Homemade sauce is mandatory for all pizza made in the Mad Meat Kitchen. Leftover pulled pork, green chile, cheese and mushrooms would be the filling. With every thing set it was easy to just roll out a couple of rounds of dough. One round was placed on top and the edges were pinched to hold all the goodness in. The calazones hit the oven and were done 6 minutes later.

A beautiful day and some wonderful eats. Does it get any better?


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm officially jealous. I wanta beehive tooooo! Those pies look wonderful.

Chilebrown said...

Zia. It is not to late to buy one this Christmas for your loved one. Ms. Goofy bought ours several years ago and it has been so much fun. I will personaly come over and teach you both how to operate the Beehive. It will only cost you a couple of beers and a sleeping bag.(plane ticket,limo,etc.)

Anonymous said...

I just checked 'em out online... Ms. Goofy is very generous! And you're only looking for ONE ticket?

Zoomie said...

O, that knife!

Chris said...

Man, those are some great looking pies, I don't care what you call 'em!