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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Two Christmas's ago Ms. Goofy bought me a wood burning oven. It is called the Beehive. I am firing it up today. I use almond wood. It is a hard wood and has a mellow smoke profile. When you cook in the Beehive, you really do not get a smoky flavor. It can cook a very high heat. I have got it up to 900 degrees measured by my digital laser themometer. (That is another story). At 900 degrees you cannot really cook anything except burnt toast. When it cools down, to say 600 degrees you can make the killer pizza. You let it cool down some more and Beer Can Chicken is the way to go. Bread is on the list. I am still experimenting with the tempature and cooking times.

Today I am making a Sourdough Bread. My friend Dylan from Sourdough Monkey Wrangler gave me a sourdough starter. I have been keeping it active. Sourdough Starter is one of the simple pleasures of life. All it takes is flour,water, and a little patience. You then get this living "Mother" (Sourdough Term). It can be used for yeast and flavor for you baking. My recipe today is simple.

2 cups starter 3 tablespoons honey

4 cups bread flour 1 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons oil

Knead this all together. Let rise for 1 to 2 hours, Until it doubles. Punch down and shape and let rise for another 45 minutes. Bake for aprox 40 minutes at 450.

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