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Friday, February 15, 2008


We set the alarm. Ms. Goofy made coffee. We were on the road by 7:30 a.m. We were on our way to The Alemany Farmers Market. . The Alemany Farmers Market is the original Farmers Market in the Bay Area. This location has been there since 1947. My father used to drag me there in the 60's. Little did I know he was on to something. This is not your Yuppie, Polished and Place to Be Seen Market. This is a honest place to buy produce directly from the farmers. The produce is not all organic. It can get crowded. Pushing and shoving seems to be the norm. It is a great place to buy veggies at a reasonable price.

This is one of our favorite markets to go to. Today we were in search of the first Asparagus of the Season. We scored from Couture Farms located in Kettleman City. We also found a vegetable that I have never heard of Cardoon. The Cardoon is from Molinari Farm. It is in the picture located next to the Rappini. It looks like a celery on steroids. It is supposed to taste like artichoke. I am going to give it a shot.

I am going to end today on a sad note. Chris from Zuckerman farms has had a major health setback. We hope that he has a speedy recovery. Get well Chris!

Alemany Farmers Market
100 Alemany Blvd.
San Francisco, CA.
Open Saturday


cookiecrumb said...

Best wishes to Chris. What a bummer. If we all send him warm and fuzzies, maybe he'll get well soon.

As for your cardoons, be sure to trim off all the leaves before you cook it. They taste like wet cigarette butts.

Dr. Biggles said...


Chris will recover a bit. Would be nice to know who's health coverage he has. If you can, find out. Kaiser has a world-class recovery center in Vallejo. They're fricken amazing and can bring back quite a bit, especially if he can walk. Sure he'll have some aphasia, but he'll come back.

And, this doesn't mean he'll have another. There's no scientific proof that one stroke or heart attack leads to another.

xo, Biggles