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Monday, February 18, 2008


Do you feel comfortable with your knife? Does it have that edge that will slice through a tomato without ripping it apart? Have you ever tried to sharpen a knife yourself and it came out duller than before. I have. I have always admired those people that would take a knife and run it across a stone to a razor finish. I have tried and tried. I have had people show me again and again. Well I had resigned to having my knives sharpened professionally. One day I read about the ‘Edge Pro’.
It sounded like something I could manage.
Edge Pro is located in Mt. Hood, Oregon. Ms. Goofy and I were on the ‘Ultimate Meat Adventure’ and we would be in that area. I made an appointment to meet the Owner and Inventor Ben Dale. Ben gave us a demonstration and had me try it out on a knife that I had brought along. It took a little practice but Ben was very patient. Ben started to demonstrate a couple of advanced techniques of actually putting a polish on an edge. You could see the passion in his demonstration. I was sold right there.
I have my Edge Pro now. My knives are sharp. Boy are they sharp. It takes a little practice, but is something that is not difficult. You select the angle for your knife. You select the stone. You start out with a rougher stone and work to a smoother stone. Your knife lies on a table and the stone is set at the perfect angle. You draw the stone over your blade. You finish the process with a ceramic steel.
I am not going to recommend this to everyone. I think most people can get by using a Steel and having there knives sharpened professionally. If you are a Freak like Me, then you will have to get an Edge Pro. My knives are an important part of my cooking. Being sharp is a necessity. This is a great tool.
Edge Pro
P.O. Box 95 HR, OR 97031


meathenge said...

MmMmMmm, sharp knives.

I'd like to take a picture of mines. But when I recently installed the fancy new 36" range hood, I lost a few knife racks. Ain't replaced them yet, it's on my todo list.


Monkey Wrangler said...

So, like maybe, I can come on over soon, with my knives, dough, and some homebrew and we can fire the beehive?........?..........?

My word Chile.

It looks like you're starting to hit your stride with this blog thing. I've been out a few days it seems and I come over to your place and see a ba-zillion new posts. Smoked pork chops: oh my lord! Pizza: fuckin' A (if I may say) Like damn! All awesome. (meanwhile, me somewhere yelling at the crowd, whoever may be near:) CAN I GET A GOD DAMN!!!!!! CHILE BROWN!!! CHILE BROWN!!!!!

You rock! Keep it up bro'.

Chilebrown said...

Hey Monkey Wrangler, You are allways welcome. We just have to set a time. We had the stout. It was sooo good.
I just got two separate deliveries of some killer Bacon. I might just have to start believing in the Bacon Dude. We must have a Bacon Tasting this weekend.

meathenge said...


You can either accept, or decline. But you've been tagged over at Meathenge for a Meme.

xo, Biggles

Xander Lawson said...

Is the Edge Pro still available? The kitchen knives around here have been starting to dull lately and I need them in tip top shape for some steak over the weekend.

kershaw knives

Simon Greenwhich said...

I've never sharpened my own buck knife. I always take it to the nearest sharpening shop to ensure its sharpness. That will prevent me from giving its blade a dent.