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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Celery on Steroids? We shall see! This Cardoon was picked up at the Alemany Market from the Molinari Farm vendors. The lady selling this vegetable was kind enough to tell me how to prepare them. I wonder how many times a day she has to tell this story.

Trim your Cardoon. Cut away the base, tops and any blemished areas. Peel off the leaves. Be careful, because there ares some little thorns. Cut into 2 inch lengths or whatever recipe you are going to make.

Start a big pot of water to boil. You should add salt and 1 lemon quarterd.(seeds and all). When the water start to boil, put in Cardoon pieces. Let them simmer 10-20 minute or so. Cool and make bread crumbs.

I take left over bread and toast lightly in the toaster oven. Pulse in a food processor to crumbs.

Dredge cool Cardoon pieces in salt & peppered flour, egg wash and bread crumb mixture.

Fry in 350 degree oil of choice until Golden.

These taste treats where the Bomb! It had a little artichoke hint in the flavor. I think these are the perfect appetizers. I am hooked. They were great, but I need a Meat fix. Stay Tuned!


meathenge said...

Dang, well if you're going to have a vegetable, you might as well deep fry the sucker. Cardoon, who knew?


Chilebrown said...

Some day I am going to deep fry some ribs!!

meathenge said...

Um, I got close years ago. I country fried pork ribs, no really. I did a great job, but it was wrong, and too rich. One bite and I was done. I think you should try it though.


Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Bravo! Welcome to one of my favorite veggies! I can't get enough of them, but the plants are so damn big I can only grow so many in my yard. Next time try a Florentine recipe:

Boil as you did, then arrange in a casserole or cazuela, drizzle olive oil, salt, then cover with mozzerella and parmiggiano cheese. If you feel fancy, sprinkle some oregano or thyme on the 'doons before you put on the cheese.

Love the site, BTW!


Chilebrown said...

Hey Hunter angler gardner cook, I checked out your sight and we have a lot in common. I wanted to make some bacon from Boar. There is a place in Reno that sells Boar Bellies,but they want you to buy a case. I could eat a case of Boar Bellies,but I might explode!!!

Rhonda said...

I live in Sacramento, CA and I can't find any cardoni growers in this area--I really want to get some--my husband loves them--his little Italian Grandma made them for holiday dinners. Where can I find them???