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Monday, February 11, 2008


One of my hobbies is cooking in Dutch Ovens. I have entered a couple of contests and have had some sucess. It is amazing what you can cook in a Dutch Oven. It actually can be more consistent in temperature than your home oven. I have been having some fun cooking Sourdough bread in my Dutch Oven. I was gifted the starter by Dylan of 'Sourdough Monkey Wrangler'. I am on a team called "The Meat Men". We will be competing this June in Carson City at the "Rendezvous Day" event. . We just finished competing in the 'Three Pot Cookoff' at the 'Sportsmen' Show at Cal Expo. Here are some pictures of the event.
1 1/2 cups water, 1 tablespoons yeast, 4 cups white bread flour, 2 cups whole wheat
flour, 2 teasp salt, 1 cup of sourdourgh starter, 1 tablespon honey, 1/4 cup oil

Proof yeast in water for 10 minutes. Add starter,honey,1 tablespoon of oil and two cups of flour. Mix and let rest for 1/2 hour. Divide dough mixture into two halfs. Add two cups of whole wheat flour and 1 teaspoon of salt and nead for 5 minutes. Take other half and add two cups of white flour and 1 teaspoon of salt and nead for 5 minutes. Lest rest for 15 minutes. Roll each half into logs 1 1/2 in by 12 in. Let rest 15 min. Line both roll side by side and twist together. Take the twist and make a circle. Use the rest of the oil and coat the dutch oven liberally. Place dough mixture into oven and let rise 45 minutes. Bake for aprox 45 minutes.

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Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Very clever! I will have to try that myself...