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Friday, February 19, 2010


Manual of a Traditional Bacon Curer is the third book by Maynard Davies. This is a must have book for anybody that likes to make their own sausage or cure bacon. This is a detailed reference book for all steps in processing pork. Maynard starts with what type of hogs to use and proceeds to instruct in all steps of butchering. Maynard shares all his recipes for different brine's and dry rubs. He then gives recipes to use with the cured products. Pates, Haggis and Black and White Puddings are some of the recipe gems. Maynard even tell us how to build a smoke house. This book has many wonderful images that make all the processes look easy.

Maynard is a ‘rock star’ in the English bacon world. He has a down to earth style of explaining different aspects of curing. This book was published in the U.K., so be prepared for funny spellings and unusual ingredients. Rusk is one of these ingredients. Rusk is commonly made from yeast-less flour and is a binder to absorb water and meat juices. This is a great book for reference in butchering and recipes. The pictures are very helpful. You will have to use some math to make his recipes suitable for home use. This book receives the Mad Meat Genius seal of approval. I will leave you with Maynard’s recipe for Faggots.



  1. 24 lbs assorted meat products, including fresh hocks, pork hearts liver and other oddmeats.
  2. 6 lbs medium grade rusk
  3. 1 ½ lb Spanish onions
  4. caul fat
  5. seasoning

    3lb fine salt
    2lbs ground black pepper
    2 oz. sage
    1 oz. thyme
    Use ¾ oz. to 1lb of meat.

    Cook the hocks, pork hearts, liver and oddmeats. Then put them through a medium grid and place in your bowl chopper. Mince the onions and add to the bowl. Mix well, and add the seasoning and rusk. Add a small amount of sterilized water and mix thoroughly until the desired consistency is achieved. Remove from the bowl chopper and place on a floured board. Shape into balls, using approximately 4-6oz for each ball, and wrap in caul fat.
    Place the faggots in a baking tin putting a small amount of water in the bottom to prevent sticking. Bake at 375-420F for approximately 11/2-2hours. The cooking time is longer than for savoury ducks as the oddmeats have not been cooked.
    Follow this recipe and you will have lovely flavoured faggots. Eaten with mushy peas, gravy and crusty bread, they will give you a filling and enjoyable meal.

Manual of a Traditional Bacon Curer ISBN 9781906122089


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing from the recipe that these are a type of sausage?

Chilebrown said...

The picture looks like little sausage patties. I do not think I will be making them in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Chilibrown

Unknown said...

I cannot find this book for less $450.00

Mattee said...

This book is just impossible to find at a near reasonable price! I've written the publisher (Merlin Unwin) twice, and they haven't written back.