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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Buffalo wings are a staple food at the Chilebrown household. There are so many variations and techniques to prepare this simple dish. There is a common theme involved in this preparation. Butter and hot sauce are the similarities in our numerous wing dishes. Today we are using two sauces from ‘Benito’s Hot Sauces’. Benito’s makes wonderful hot sauces using organic ingredients and no salt. We have ‘Old Bricktucky Cayenne and Mango Habanero’. We will rub some chicken wings with some ‘Survival Spice’ and grill them over a medium hot mesquite fire. They will then take a bath in some butter and hot sauce. Simple, but delicious!

Benito’s Mango Habanero has been described as a ‘tropical garden in your mouth’. This sauce has Mangos, habaneros, vegetables and lime juice. This sauce is sweet with Mango flavor and only has a medium pepper bite despite the habanero peppers. Benito has the skills to combine just the right amount of ingredients with lime juice. No salt is in this sauce. The same goes for the Bricktucky Cayenne. This sauce is very complex. There is a lot of flavor going on here. Cinnamon, Cayenne, vinegar, tomatoes, paprika and vinegar are some of the ingredients. The heat level on this sauce is going a small notch over the medium level. This sauce will be perfect for our wings.

The wings were cooked and then dipped in the two butter and sauce combinations. The Mango Habanero wings were on the sweet side. The flavor was of mango and onions with a warming effect from the habanero peppers. The butter made these flavors rich and decadent. The Bricktucky was my favorite. This sauce was finger licking good. There were so many components that jumped all over your taste buds. Cayenne pepper warmed your tongue while a hint of cinnamon grabbed your curiosity. It was like I could taste the tomato’s and onions separately but they melted with all the other ingredients. When this sauce was applied to the smoky wings, a marriage in Heaven was created.

Benito’s makes a lot of wonderful sauces. They are a welcome addition to our pantry. Chicken wings are just one of the uses for these sauces. We served our wings on a plate with extra dipping hot sauce. Some carrots, celery and blue cheese dressing accompanied these chicken appendages. We served a side dish of Asparagus, fava bean and pasta. It was a perfect spring day.

Benitos Hot Sauces


Greg said...

Wings is the things! Do you start with frozen wings? I have always baked them from frozen.

Chilebrown said...

Sometimes we get them from the local Wally Mart and they may have been frozen at one time. Bake, deep fry, or grill they are all good.