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Thursday, September 2, 2010


 The Bacon Revue is hitting the road for a traveling show called Dees Meats in Galt. Galt is not the Celtic spelling of the 'Rich Man's' disease but a small rural town located south of Sacramento California. The Mad Meat Genius received a hot tip from Caleb Sehnert about a small butcher that created magic with his sausage and cured meat products. This small bit of information led to a wonderful discovery.

You would never know about Dees unless you were guided there. The trusty GPS brought us to the front door of a small building next to a residential house. There was a fence around the house. We noticed about a half dozen St. Bernard dogs in the fenced area. These 200 pound Wooly mammoths charged the fence. It was a little intimidating until we figured out they just wanted to be petted. Once we finished greeting these beautiful guardians of Dees we entered a meat sanctuary.

Dees has the whole range of meat products. They create and smoke sausage, hams, and jerky on the premise. We purchased some of the best choice rib-eye steaks ever. Today's act is all about the bacon. Some sliced 'old fashion' and some maple bacon was procured.

We will concentrate on the Maple bacon today. The package was open and a maple aroma grasped our senses. The 1/4 slab  leaned heavily to the meaty side versus the fat. It just had this beautiful mahogany sheen from the smoke and sugars. It tasted good just by the smell and appearance. A minor obstacle of the rind was removed before cooking in our trusty black iron pans. This was some meaty bacon. We cooked it low and slow because of the sugar content. It crisped up to a very nice texture. The salt to maple sugar balance was perfect. Smoke entered into this equation to tip the rating scale to 4.5 stars out of 5 for this designer bacon. Our bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich rocked our world. Dees Meats is a destination worthy of a visit, I guarantee!

Dees Meats
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Cost: 3.85/pound
Where: 10145 Twin Cities Rd.
              Galt, Ca. 95632 209-745-1224


Zoomie said...

If I hadn't had a tooth pulled yesterday, I'd be on the road to Dee's today. Love the funny St. Bernards, too!

Chilebrown said...

The St. Bernards were beauty's. If they did now weigh 200 pounds you would want to give them a big hug. The Rib-eye steaks sure were tasty.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that fine products coincide harmoniously with some really cute puppies... that nose is adorable!