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Friday, December 17, 2010


Crazy Crab at one time was the mascot for the San Francisco Giants baseball team. This mascot took a lot of abuse. Sports mascots need to be aggressive and not tasty. Crazy Crab was shelved but we still have Dungeness crab for our personnel use. The San Francisco Bay Area is the home of Dungeness crab. Oh man! Is this crab so sweet and tasty right now. The first crabs of the season are plump and full of meat. Dungeness crab is sold several ways. We have found that buying live crabs will guarantee freshness and sweetness. It only takes ten minutes in a hot tub of salted water to bloom the deliciousness. (Cookiecrumb?). Today we are going to try a different way by grilling these bottom feeders of the bay.

Mesquite charcoal lit and burning at a high heat is what the Weber vessel will need to turn these Crazy Crabs into edible delights. Five minutes covered on each side and then plunged into icy water will do the trick. Pluck the shells and reserve the meat. Cooked pasta, cream, various cheeses, heat and add crab meat and you  will make one special dish.

This dish of Crazy Crab was sweet with just a little smoky flavor. The cheese and cream made this meal decadent, fun, and a Mad Meat Genius success


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling crabby that I can't buy fresh D. Crab. Looks great.

Robert said...

Those two crabs on the grill look wonderful. I may have to try that myself--only here on the East Coast it would have to be blue crab.

Chris said...

Here's hoping I can find some Dungeness crabs this season. It's a rare find and never live.

I do like snow crab warmed up on the grill, I can imagine how great yours were.

Greg said...

Throw some crabs on the barby! Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely! BP has changed our shellfish offerings here in TX. Maybe they're now importing.

Chilebrown said...

highlandsranchfoodie, You could probbly have it shipped but it would not be the same.

Robert, I have never tried a blue crab. I sure would like to.

Chris, We can get the Alasken King crab but it is frozen. Fresh is best.

Greg, Give it a try. I know you have acess to some live ones.

Zia, That sounds terrible. I hope the recovery is swift.

I would just like to remind everybody that there are 6 shopping days to by a X-large Green Eggg for your loved ones. Merry Christmas yall.

Zoomie said...

Here's hoping you get your Green Egg, kiddo. You deserve it and you'd use it more than anyone I know. Merry Christmas!