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Sunday, December 5, 2010


‘It’s all about the gravy man!’ This is a philosophy that my mentor Dr. Biggles has preached and we have embraced throughout our journeys and ‘Meat Adventures’. Packaged bacon gravy mix is on the table today. We will be tough but fair in our evaluation of this instant nectar to enhance our meat platters. Will this be another attempt to cash in on the new ‘Black’? Will it deliver to our plates of meat? Pull up a gravy boat and drift into the Madness!

This may be a little edge or help to this product but we are wrapping a pork loin roast in bacon and have smoked it with a little applewood to try our bacon gravy. Once again the instructions could not be simpler. One cup of water with bacon gravy mix mixed over heat until thickened. It looks nice and creamy. The gravy has a bacon aroma. Yes, we have a lift off Bacon Canaveral

Creamy with bacony flavor was the verdict. This product will receive ‘Four Paws’ up rating from Ms. Goofy. She enjoyed it immensely. This thick and wonderful sauce lubricated and enhanced our bacon wrapped pork loin. I enjoyed it and think it is a great convenience product. You could bring it camping or to your office cubicle if it is equipped with a stove. No fuss, no muss, is this bacon convenience product. It is a great substitute if you do not have the time or bacon to make your own gravy. “It’s all about the gravy man”.


Zoomie said...

Finally a winner! Yay!

Anonymous said...

That piece of bacon on the front of the package is a piece of work!

meathenge said...

Oh yeah baby, it's all about the gravy!

Hmmm, maybe I'll make some today. I have a turkey in the fridge. It's been there a while, will have to see if it's still cookable. Then, by golly, I might have gravy.

xo, Biggles

chilebrown said...

Zoomie, One more to go in Santa's bacon bag.

highlandsranchfoodie, Yeah he is a little weird.

Reverend, It's all about the gravy!

cookiecrumb said...

You only got three comments on this? This sounds like holy stuff.
I have loads of bacon grease, bet I could fake one.

chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I am very happy with three comments from my friends. I have not earned or deserve your 'Super Star World Wide Web' status. Should I be Madder? We are just trying to have fun. Oh by the by, I know you have been naughty but I have a hook-up with Santa for your Catfish puller.

cookiecrumb said...

(Girls do this.)