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Saturday, January 29, 2011


“Fumee Aromatisante Pour Bar-B-Q” What does it mean? I have no idea, but it sounds impressive on the label of our ‘Flavorwood Bar-B-Q Grilling Smoke” natural compressed wood canisters. The good people at ‘Camerons Products’ sent me a couple samples of this smoking wood in a can for our barbeque. This product is a small can filled with specific woods for smoking on your grill. Place this can on a heat source and smoke will fill your cooking vessel. This package had three different flavors of wood; Apple, Hickory and Mesquite. We are going to sacrifice a chicken to test this product.

I actually read the instructions. I know, who needs to tell you how to barbeque. ‘Remove all the paper labels from the can.’’ Place on grill or coals 5 minutes before grilling’. The instructions were followed precisely and lo and behold, “Smoke”. Once this baby got hot it hissed and spew out a flume of smoke. Today, we used hickory and it smelled lovely. We place the lid on our kettle and let the magic happen.

These cans of wood should last an hour with proper usage. We had a very hot fire and it smoked for about 40 minutes. This was plenty of time to smoke our chicken. Our chicken was cooked and smoked to perfection. This meat will be used in a chicken pot pie that we will cook later. Flavorwood smoking cans are a great product. No fuss, no muss! Just follow the instructions and instant smoke. These cans of smoking wood would be great for camping or that tailgate party at the ballgame. Convenience is the selling factor of this product. It is clean and easy to use. Flavorwood will receive the ‘Mad Meat Genius’ seal of approval.

Cameron Products


BH said...

Brilliant. I need to try that

Brian H
BBQ Sauce Reviews

Chilebrown said...

Brian, It does the trick. No fuss. Chicken was smoky delicous.

Chris said...

Some of the first "smoking" I ever did was with this or an extremely close product back in the late 90's. It did great with pork tenderloins on a gas grill.

I think it's a "gateway drug". First it's flavorwood. Next your buying one of those cast iron smoker boxes for the grill. Next thing you know you have a Jambo pit. Okay, exaggerating on the last part but I guy can dream.

Chilebrown said...

Chris, I will buy your gateway theory. Maybe the end result will be that Big Green Egg. Fingers are crossed.

Greg said...

Smoke em if you got em!

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

You can use Flavorwood on a big green egg grill. Gateway price about 2 dollars a can.