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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Old school elegance, celebrity chef, great food, and wine all added up to a wonderful dinner at the Claremont Hotel. The Claremont Hotel is  sponsoring the “Berkeley Wine Festival” this month. A five course wine paired dinner will be prepared by Executive Chef Josh Thomsen. He will be showcasing Pinot Noir from the Oregon winery ‘Archery Summit tonight.' Let’s dig in.

“Green Goddess” Scallop
Sausalito Springs Watercress, Fingerling Potato Crisps
& Red Wine Braised Pearl Onions

Kuroboto Pork Ribs
Prosciutto-Asparagus strudel, Baby Turnips
& Black Mission Figs

“Narsai’s Loin of Lamb
Pomegranate Marinade, Mint Basmati Rice
Toasted Almonds & curried Potatoes

Tcho Chocolate “Crunch Bar”
Watsonville Raspberries

The Claremont Hotel is a destination hotel. You feel a vibration like you are in an elegant old movie. The food and wine was delicious. How come I want to go get a cheeseburger?

Executive Chef
Josh Thomsen


Zoomie said...

Because you're you. Lovely meal for a special occasion.

cookiecrumb said...

That place is so gorgeous. I hadn't realized the food was good, too. Lucky youse.

Kailyn said...

Every time I have driven past the Claremont this month and saw the sign proclaiming the Wine Festival, I have been tempted to stop. Glad to see someone did.

Lea Ann said...

I still can't believe you called my Chili Dog pathetic...however I forgive you. :-) Aren't wine dinners fun??? Been to several at the wineries in Calif. and Oregon and even a few here where wineries send reps. and have chefs at well known Denver restaurants pair the wines with creations. FUN. didn't say anything about the wine???

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I passed on the cheeseburger. The Kuroboto Pork rib was cooked by a suvee cooking techique. The sauce was a barbeque style enriched with butter. It had an interesting textrue. It might not of scored that high in competition.

cookiecrumb, The Claremnot is a magical place. I am surprised you have never been.

Kailyn, It was a grand experience. How is Borris's swimmng lessons coming along.

Lea Ann, Canned chili and costco dogs, need I say more.
The wine was different vintages of Pinot Noir. Some people at our table could tell the difference between the harvests. They all tasted okay to me.