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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Welcome to “Drive-ins, Dives and Diners Mad Meat Genius Style’. I am your host, Chilebrown. Today we are traveling the back roads of Petaluma California to visit the Washoe House, one of the oldest still operating road houses. Since 1859 this establishment has served stagecoach passengers traveling between Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Today the Washoe house is a local watering hole and a place to grab a bite of food. The Washoe house is located on a rural road in Petaluma that is almost next door to ‘The Pasta King’. I drove by one day and noticed the large monument marker in front. This marker was erected in 1958 by the fraternal organization of E Clampus Vitus. This place must be special if the Clampers are involved, so let’s go inside.

Click image to read plaque

The main entrance brings you into the bar area. The first thing you notice is all the money on the ceiling. Years and Years of people fastening dollar bills on the walls and ceiling is quit a site. Tables surrounded the bar with people enjoying their lunch. An empty tiny dining room was attached to this room of libation. We chose a table and ordered some frosty beverages. Our server had an attitude that was a little off putting. It was like she was the local sheriff and had just said; “You ain’t from around here, are you Boy!” The beer was icy cold and would make a Clamper happy. The menu consisted of standard American faire, Steak, chicken, burgers and a daily special of a chicken wrap.

Ms. Goofy ordered a burger and it was just what the doctored ordered. The burger was large and Ms. Goofy could not finish her plate. Fried chicken and onion rings would give the Fryolater a work out for my meal. All I can say is the chicken was fried. The onion rings were tasty. All in all it was not that bad. The menu prices are very reasonable. We saw a couple of other plates pass our table and they all looked good.

The Washoe house looks like it is a popular local watering hole. Anyplace endorsed by the Clampers must be wild. The interior of the bar has a casual old lived in vibe. The bartender was a little icy but the food thawed her attitude. The Washoe house is a living historical experience. I am glad we stopped by but probably will not return.

Stony Point Road & Roblar Rd
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 795-4544


Greg said...

I ate there years ago and it still looks the same. I'm glad an old school place like that survives.

cookiecrumb said...

Don't you just twitch a little? You want to say, "Guys, you could be so much better and it wouldn't even take that much work."

Zoomie said...

What a funky ambiance! Too bad the food was just okay...

Lea Ann said...

Love it. It actually looks like the place where Christopher Guest leaves to travel with his hound dog to the big dog show in the movie "Best in Show".

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I saw a dollar bill on the wall. Are you a Clamper?

cookiecrumb, I have mixed feelings about that. It is off the main highway. It is a local place that has low prices. Make it into a Marin type place and it probably would tank.

Zoomie, Dollar Bills on the wall smells of Clampers. Lots of character. I can picture Buzz as a Clamper sort off. He would have to wear a red shirt and suspenders..

Lea Ann, This place has a lot of history. Hey wait a minute. "Best in Show" is a great movie and I am going to look for that scene.

Chris said...

Too bad it was only okay. The place looks like a lot of fun.