Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


'New Hatch New Mexican Green Chile' is a very special treat. Once a year for a couple of weeks our local Wally-Mart will carry these green goddesses of the Southwest. They are hot and spicy with a flavor that cannot be matched by our local farmers. These are the gold standard of green pepper. While these peppers are available we always fill up a shopping cart full of peppers and have a chile extravaganza. Chile verde, salsas and today green chile pasta. This recipe was an improvisation that was a success.

We roasted our peppers over a mesquite fire to add a smoky flavor and to make the tough skins easy to remove. The peppers skins and seeds were removed. A rough chop and then a trip to the food processor created a green gold puree. Some fresh eggs from Garden Girl Farm and good olive oil will add even more flavor. A basic pasta recipe was followed with the addition of the puree and additional flour. A manipulation through the Kitchen Aid and we have pasta. This pasta was served with a little olive oil and Parmesan cheese. The pepper flavor shined through and through. Pasta with a pepper zing was a tasty treat. Yummy Noodles!


Mike said...

Very cool idea!

Zoomie said...

What an interesting idea - and I like that you kept the sauce simple so you could enjoy the pepper flavor even more.

cookiecrumb said...

Really impressed. Don't you love experimenting?
(Never had a Hatch. Don't shop at Wally.)

Chilebrown said...

Mike, Very cool but hot.

Zoomie, Simple and tasty with a wonderful pepper kick.

cookiecrumb, I doubt they are allowed in Marin.

Lea Ann said...

What a fabulous idea! You're also a Mad Chile Genius.

Chilebrown said...

Lee Ann, They do not call me Chilebrown for nothing. Sometimes things just work out for the best.

Chris said...

I've only had the pleasure of real Hatch chiles once and they were quite good.