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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Do you remember the lottery commercial when the winner was asked what to do with the winnings? His reply; “I can buy all the cheese!” We have not won the lottery but have found a great place to buy cheese with a huge selection with a reasonable price. This is ‘Country Cheese Coffee Market’ located in Berkeley California. Berkeley has a reputation for liberal and sometimes wacky views on life but this population takes their food very serious. Situated a couple of doors up the from the Monterey Market , Country Cheese sells numerous varieties of popular, hard to get, local, imported, organic, beer rinsed, molded, peppered, fresh, salted, seaweed wrapped, aged variety of cheeses.

This store is so much more than cheese. Coffee drinks are very Berkeley specific because Starbucks is not allowed in this neighborhood. There is a large selection of chocolate to accompany your beverage. I never knew so many different brands and flavors of chocolate existed.

Tea and bulk spices are to be found at Country Cheese. It is very convenient to buy any specific amount of spice that you may need. They will measure to your whim and beat the price of any Wally-Mart. A lot of imported specialty items such as; olives, saffron, cookies, crackers, olive oil and sardines can be acquired here.

We came here for the cheese. Parmesan Regiano goes for 18. 99 /pound. This may sound like a lot but this is the real deal. This is an aged block of cheese from Italy that puts shame on the tubular variety. When I unwrap this cheese, I break into song; “When the moon hits the sky”, (sorry). We purchased several items, did I mention all the different varieties of blue cheese, and left this cheese Mecca


Country Cheese Coffee Market is a store that makes Berkeley a food destination. Great prices combined with an unbelievable cheese selection make this a great find. They will custom cut and wrap any amount of cheese that you desire. Chocolate and imported specialty items make this a fun stop. I still would like to win the Lottery.

Country Cheese Coffee Market
1578 Hopkins Street,

Berkeley, CA 94707-2732

(510) 526-1333 () ‎


Greg said...

There are so many cool shops in Berkeley. Jealousy!

cookiecrumb said...

What a goofy shop. Cheese and coffee. Mmmm, nah.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Don't be jealous you live in the same county as the Mad one. We just do not have the Marin pretty tax.

cookiecrumb, just finished off the last of your gifted pears. They were yummy. Ms. Goofy did not experience goofy but I did break out into song.

cookiecrumb said...

Did you sing the pear song? I'm glad you enjoyed them.