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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Welcome to Hangtown (Placerville) California we're we will visit the ‘2nd Annual Smokin for Gold’ barbeque competition. The competition barbeque season is winding down but the heat was turned up at the beautiful El Dorado fairgrounds this weekend. This event was a combination ‘Outdoor Sportsmen’ show and barbeque competition. One could shop for fishing and hunting gear and then chow down on some award winning barbeque. I would like to share a couple of images with you.

This competitor is using a probe to check his meat for doneness. Some use a thermometer and some seasoned cookers just jab and can tell by feel if the meat is done. I still use my trusty thermapen. I am wondering if Ms. Goofy parked this jeep?

We were judges today and we are one step closer to becoming a 'Master Judge' A Master Judge has judged thirty competitions and taken a final exam. Another requirement is to cook with a competition team. This way you will realize and experience the hard work and commitment it takes to compete. We hope to fulfil this requirement soon.

That about wraps up "Smokin for Gold' and a couple of shiny 'WSM's'. I personally like the camouflage wrap. This was another great barbeque weekend. Great weather, food, and friends makes for a winning combination. Congratulations to 'All Sauced Up' for winning the Grand Champion! I hope Tracy knows that Gordy the pig is just a pet.


Zoomie said...

You may not have the certificate yet but you are already a Master of the barbecue and judging.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Thanks, Sometimes you are very kind and your comments are always appreciated. I hope you come back from your Cookiecrumbitis/vacation soon.

cookiecrumb said...

Me too.

Chris said...

ha ha ha ha

That last picture is just cruel! When he/she is stubborn and the owner has to drag it, it is "pulled pork". :)

chilebrown said...

Cookiecrumb, You are a troublemaker. See what you have started. You are still our favorite.

Chris, I got a chuckle with that line. Pulled Pork indeed!