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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today’s post is ‘Pink Slime’ free. Pink slime has been in the news lately. Is this a Nickelodeon children’s prop or a threat to our food safety? What is pink slime? Unappetizing beef scraps, cartilage and chemically altered meat. (Ammonium hydroxide) that is mixed into so called hamburger meat has fueled this recent phenom event. We have a meat source that is pink slime free from Angelo’s Meat’s in Petaluma California. Now Angelo is a good friend who is a character that is larger and crazier than this recent scandal. We love to visit Angelo because he usually feeds us and lifts our spirits to a higher level.

Angelo was in the back smoking turkeys and bacon. We greeted him and started our smiles and laughing fest. Fresh home made, best ever foccacia bread and smoked pork sandwiches was our reward today. As we were eating our sandwiches Angelo told us about his hamburger. Happy cows and slime free at 3/99/pound was all we needed to know. Hanging out with Angelo is an adventure. While we were there he received a crank call from a sexually frustrated woman that Angelo broadcasted on the speaker phone. Angelo handled this call with grace and we had some giggles. We filled up a small ice chest with hamburger and other treats and said our good byes.

Pink Slime be damned! Some professor created a scandal that will change the meat industry for hopefully the better. Angelo is a local butcher that has real hamburger meat that is slime free. Support butchers like Angelo and the World will be a better place. We have already ordered our Easter ham from Angelo. See you soon.

Angelos's Smokehouse


Chris said...

But Ammonium Hydroxide has such a great flavor that no rub can mimic.

Lea Ann said...

All this pink slime talk is making me nauseous. My local butcher assures me that we're a pink slime free household. They should have never sold it to schools, then their dirty little secret probably would have been safe for awhile longer. And LOL about Chris's comment.

Chilebrown said...

Chris, Unless is was not on the news I would agree with you. Sometimes you just do not want to know.

Lea Ann, Our local butcher Angelo is an hour away. It is worth it. So you have a new QB.

meathenge said...

MMMMmMmm, pink slime.

I spy a lone green spear there pally boy!

xo, Biggles