Chilebrown at home

Saturday, December 29, 2012


 The weather has been relentless with its rain and low temperatures. The skies and our mood has been a little gray these winter days. We need a little color in our life. One of our favorite methods of injecting color is going to the farmers markets and enjoying the bounty of the winter crops. Rain or shine the farmers will be at the market. This is payday and rain will not dampen their efforts. We don our rain gear to participate in farmer’s market color immersion therapy. Let’s go to the market.

Our new favorite method of cooking these colorful cauliflowers is roasting in a hot barbeque chamber. Olive oil, salt and pepper is the only condiment necessary. An hour in the cooking chamber and a nutty, smoky treat will immerse. After enjoying this Kodachrome meal our life is once again full of color.


Chris said...

It's be a rain, sleet and light snow fest here too. Not only does color cheer you up, it is healthier for you too in the form of veggies.

Chilebrown said...

Chris, We are lucky to have a lot of markets to choose from. I guess health should be a consideration. They do make for a pretty picture.

Greg said...

Colorful! It has been so black and white lately. Come on sunshine.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I wish we had markets year round here. But, as to your gray weather, I have about a foot of snow on the ground now. Would you rather have gray and wet or gray and frozen...?

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Sun is shining today. Bright green spinach pasta from the farmers market today.

Three Dogs BBQ, We do have it pretty nice here in the Bay Area. It only freezes a handful of days here. A few days without sunshine and we panic.