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Thursday, January 17, 2013


 Food truck mania has arrived at the Richmond’s Farmers Market. We have a new tenant that will dazzle and feed you with Thai food favorites. The Baitong Thai Food Truck, every Friday will create Thai favorites such as: Pad Thai, Pumpkin Green Curry Chicken, Basil Noodles, Gai Yang (BBQ Chicken) and more. Everything is made to order. You can request extra heat if you are a Chilehead like myself. All entrées are served with green salad and choice of jasmine or sticky rice. Desserts are available. Mango with sticky rice sounds intriguing but ‘Roti with Banana and Egg” spikes my curiosity.

I had the Pumpkin Green Curry Chicken. This was one flavorful and filling dish. Tender chicken with green curry lit up the taste buds with flavor. Small chunks of pumpkin were a sweet addition to this dish. It calmed the extra heat that I requested. If you order the Gai Yang be sure to ask for extra peanut sauce. This is a flavor explosion .  I cannot wait to try the other dishes.

Baitong Thai Food Truck will be at the market every Friday. It is a great opportunity to try delicious Thai food at inexpensive prices. Stop on by and say Hello.

Richmond Farmers Market
24th & Barrett St.
Richmond, California


Greg said...

That's a clamshell box of happiness. Reminds me a bit of Hawaiian lunch plate. It would fill me up all day.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, It is a big plate all for seven dollars. I love all the different flavors of Thai food.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Chilebrown, that Gai Yang looks outstanding. If you want to give you Chile Buds a work out, try Tom Yang Goong with shrimp if they ever offer it. Guaranteed to make you sweat. But, oh so good...

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I will look for Tom Yang Goong with shrimp. I want to try every item on the menu.

Chris said...

Thai food rocks. We have two food trucks here in Knox, not a lot of choice but one is very good.

Lea Ann said...

This all looks and sounds good. Whenever I have something clever like this, I always try to recreate it at home.