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Friday, July 26, 2013


We loaded up the 'Racing Honda' and sped to the 'California State Fair". We were on a mission to sample deep fried and bacon treats. We also wanted to see the tribute to Huell Howser. The weather could not of been nicer. This was the perfect climate to indulge in battered and fried foods. Half the fun was the search for the ultimate treat. There was endless choices and we might possibly have been overwhelmed. Bacon wrapped cheese, kabobs, pineapple, chicken, 'pork-abella' hot dogs, cheesecake and chocolate covered were only several items offered. We did settle on a deep fried strawberry 'Pop-Tart" and a corn dog. "Pop-Tart's" was and is one of my favorite food groups. Be careful when eating this doughy treat because the strawberry filling is smokin' hot. .

Huell Howser was the host of a PBS show called 'California Gold'. Huell would visit attractions and scenic sights throughout California and share it with his viewers. He had a corn pone delivery that made the most mundane spots interesting. He recently passed and will be surely missed. There was a nice exhibit that paid tribute to our television friend.

Corn dogs and 'Pop-Tarts' whetted our appetite for some substantial food. Sacramento has a great Mexican restaurant called Ernesto's. They are famous for their carnitas. This wold be our next food stop. Ernesto's is an institution in the mid-town area. We were lucky to miss the crowds at our mid afternoon meal. I was tempted to try the chileverde but when in Rome. I was not disappointed.. The pork was flavorful. The outer crust of the meat was caramelized with rich meat candy flavor. House made tortillas were the icing on this cake.

This was a fun day at the fair and Ernesto's. We cannot wait for the next food adventure. We are heading to Montague, California for another BBQ competition this weekend. Oh Yeah!

1901 16th St
Sacramento, CA 95814


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Those carnitas look outstanding. They are my favorite out of the box Mexican food. As a bonus, those beans look cheesy enough for anyone.

Zoomie said...

We miss Huell Howser. His endless enthusiasm for all things California was endearing. RIP

Greg said...

Break me off a deep fried pop tart!! What a great day you had. I have been mistaken for Huell on a couple of occasions.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I am not a big refried bean fan but I licked the plate today. Good stuff!

Zoomie, I may have watched every episode.

Greg, Are you sportin guns like Huell? You should answer by saying; "That's Amazing'.

cookiecrumb said...

That plate of food looks good, but you know what looks really good? You.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, Thanks, I am blushing.