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Monday, April 7, 2014


This was the scene at the judging table at the “10th Annual Western Days CattleWomen Rib Cook-Off in Colusa California. This was a huge offering of some of the most scrumptious beef ribs ever presented to this judge. We were offered the opportunity to sit in on this feast and review of beef & pork bones. Normally Ms. Goofy and I judge KCBS sanctioned contests and are accustomed to the four meats consisting of chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder and brisket. As some of you may know, I LOVE beef ribs. We felt privileged to don our shiny “Master Judge’ badges and enter this arena. The rib cook-off was held at the three day ‘Western Days’ event located at the county fairgrounds. This contest was only a small part of a wonderful community event.

Western Days is a celebration which embraces the heritage of Western cowboy culture. Cowboy hats, blue jeans, and maybe a pinch of chew was the required garb to stroll these festive grounds. This Mad Meat Genius and certified city slicker purchased a hat to blend in with the crowd. I may have had the right attire but I need to work on my swagger. There were plenty of participants on horses. They were contestants in the many arena events such as; ‘calf branding, sorting, and penning, team roping, and of course the parade.

A Dutch Oven cook-off was held Saturday. I have already penned next years date on the calendar. My team of the “Meatmen” will have a year to get ready. A hallway was set up with vendors selling products with a Western theme. The ‘Pickle Man’ was one of my favorite stops. I may have sampled his various offerings twice they were so good. I picked up a custom set of tongs from a blacksmith vendor. This was a colorful market that was unique and fun.

There were 17 teams present at this rib cook-off. They paid an entry fee and were provided beef and pork ribs to cook. They submitted an entry to the judges and the rest was offered to the public for lunch. This lunch was a site to see. For a nominal fee the public was given a huge and I mean huge plate of bones, salads and dessert. The hallway was packed with rib eating festival participants. This plate was so good looking I was tempted to get one. Using my better judgment and the fact that I had already burst my shirt buttons during judging I will wait till next time.

The Glenn-Colusa Cattle-Women know how to throw a rib cook-off. This was an event that left a smile on our face. Next year ‘The Meatmen” will return and be cooking in the Dutch Oven event. I now have a cowboy hat and a swagger that originated from the Colusa Western Days. I LOVE beef ribs.


Zoomie said...

Sounds like a terrific event! And those ribs look amazing.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Great event. We have it marked on the calendar for next year. I have already contacted fellow Meatmen dutch oven team mates to get ready.

Greg said...

Fun to max! Those are some meaty beef ribs! Gotta get some.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I love beef ribs and I think I got my fill until the next time.