Chilebrown at home

Friday, April 11, 2014


Another familiar product has jumped on the bacon band wagon. Ritz crackers, everybody's favorite snack cracker has cashed in on this bacon phenom. This time I refuse to read the ingredient list because of past disappointments. They do have a smoky bacon like flavor. They are just as addicting as the original flavor. Let's make them into a sweet, salty dessert bar called 'White Trash Bars". The ingredient list is simple and the only variation is the substitution of bacon for original Ritz crackers. These bars are decadent, sweet, salty and yummy delicious.



Greg said...

Bacon-bacon everywhere. I guess I'm an old geezer. I like my Ritz originals. You everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz! :)

Zoomie said...

I got some Nueske's from Baron's this week. Tomorrow we feast!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

My oh my that looks good. Ritz is my favorite snack cracker of all time. I can eat a whole tube at one time. Bacon has to make it better.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, The White Trash bars recipe calls for 'originals'. They are good.

Zoomie, I still have some in the ice cave from my Christmas present.

Three Dogs BBQ, This recipe is really simple and amazingly good.

Bessie R. Pon said...

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