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Monday, May 12, 2014


Cattleman's restaurant used to be on our rotation of places to go. For reasons that seem to escape me it has been 20 years since our last visit. I used to get a kick out of the 'bean pot lady'. She was a dedicated server who roamed the restaurant with a pot of cowboy style beans to fill your dinner plate. We were passing by when all of a sudden the Racing Honda made a dramatic four wheel skid into the parking lot. It was time to revisit Cattleman's.

Not much has changed. It is a popular dark western themed steak house. We arrived in the middle of dinner service and were seated immediately We ordered steaks and an artichoke appetizer. The artichoke was tender and seasoned well. It also had been kissed by the fire of the grill. We enjoyed it.. My 32 ounce T-bone arrived with grill marks to perfection. I do say it was very good looking. Looks can be deceiving.

The T-bone cut of beef consist of two steaks: the filet and sirloin. My method of attack is to cut each steak off the bone. The filet was juicy and tender cooked to medium rare leaning on the rare side.. This USDA Choice filet was flavorful with beefy love. The sirloin side had only been walked by fire and spanked on the arse. It was raw. I rarely ever send anything back but this was inedible. They did put it back on the grill and cooked it some more.
   I now am starting to remember why it has been so long since our last visit. Alas the bean pot lady has gone and so shall we.


greatwhite hunter said...

yes I would, are you interested in going to hog island oyster farm? and I am first again.

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, We could go there too. Maybe, we can say hello to Angelo and feast on some focaccia too.

Aaron said...

Thanks- I've driven by many a Cattlemen's and always wondered if it was worth a stop, especially when the Petaluma branch had a sign out proclaiming "The Bean Girl is Back!!"

We had some fun wondering what the "Bean Girl" did but never seemed to drive by at steak-eating hours.

Just as well. You must eat a perfectly-cooked steak as soon as possible to cancel that one out.

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, There was a time that we enjoyed Cattlemans. There are too many better options now.

This Saturday, an old, old friend?, the 'greatwhite hunter and I are going on a Meat Adventure for some real beef at Willowside Meats in Santa Rosa. That perfect steak is only a couple of days away.