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Friday, August 29, 2014


Millies's is a very popular breakfast hang out in Lafayette, California. This was our meeting spot with a fellow retired salt mine worker for a cup of Joe and to further the search for the best pork chops ever. Millie's is an old house that has been converted into a restaurant.. The parking lot is small and fills up quickly. The parking karma remains demonstrated by the spot waiting for me in front. We did feel lucky to be seated right away. The signboard advertised the special of pork chops and eggs, so the table was set. Our server was prompt and cheerful.

Liquidy Split our breakfast arrived. My friend took one bite of his omelet when the waitress snatched it away claiming it was the wrong order. I hope the next person did not mind a bite missing.. The pork chops looked large and juicy with a browning from the flattop. They had a cured type flavor, like of ham. They were decent enough and I did knaw on the bone. The hash browns could of come from the frozen food aisle of any market. The eggs were, well just eggs. The coffee was lukewarm and tasted very 'dinerish'
 Overall, the chops were okay and the rest was pedestrian. Millie's is a popular dining institution in Lafayette. I personally do not see what the breakfast eating population of Lafayette sees. The search continues.

Millie's Kitchen.
1018 Oak Hill Rd,
 Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 283-2397


greatwhite hunter said...

Mr Brown you and agent Gillette will have to start picking much better choke and puke joints if you intend to convince to accept my probationary seat at the Thursdays old men from the salt mine breakfast table. GWH out

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Congratulations for finally cutting the ties to the salt mine. You will now begin to enjoy life and possibly become not so creepy uncle like. Yes you are on probation but it will not last long. Congratulations.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Looking good for breakfast. Breakfast is good. Breakfast is great. GWH, congrats on your recent retirement. I envy you. I am either 20 years or a two dollar lottery ticket away...

Big Dude said...

The chops look just like the ones mom made

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, retirement is overrated. NOT. We shall see if the greatwhite hunter joins our ranks. He is on probation at this moment. We want to welcome him to the breakfast club because we need a 'Creepy Uncle' that nobody likes to talks about.

Big Dude, Mom always makes the best food.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Three Dog BBQ I am sorry to hear you have twenty years left on your sentence. I have some advice on try to buying a early release. I would try three two dollar tickets per week. I have a lot of evidence that two tickets per week will not work. GWH out