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Friday, October 3, 2014


 Joe, Dirt, Mud, Java, Brew, Cuppa, Go Juice, Jitter Juice, Bean Juice, Brain Juice, High Octane,Wakey Juice,Morning Jolt, Liquid Energy,Caffeine Infusion,Cupped Lightning,Leaded and Unleaded, and Rocket Fuel are a few names of my favorite morning beverage. My favorite coffee shop to get a cup is Catahoula Coffee in Richmond, California. It is a popular morning destination which freshly roasts beans to produce great tasting coffee at a reasonable price. I say reasonable compared to the two big corporate chains which have almost broke the two dollar mark for a small coffee. Catahoula has proved so popular that they have opened a new store in Berkeley.

Catahoula's new Coffee Kaffegarten is located in the tony '4th St.' district in Berkeley. Unlike the original store parking may be an issue. Prices are a little higher because this is a high rent area. Regardless they do have the best cup of coffee around. They have a real nice outside patio to enjoy your beverage. When I am not at the Richmond location this will be my new destination.

What does this pecan pie have to do with Catahoula's new location? It goes with coffee. Ms. Goofy sure knows how to treat her man.

Catahola's Coffee Kaffegarten
2080 4th St.
Berkeley, Ca.


Greg said...

Coffee makes my morning. There's a meat place near there Yes?

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Of course there is a meat place near by. Catahoula's is one block under the freeway from Spengers which I will never set foot into ever again and two blocks from Cafe Rouge who has a very high end meat shop in the back of the restaurant.