Chilebrown at home

Thursday, February 25, 2016


The 'Great White Hunter' and I were on a Meat Adventure which brought our journey to Jackson California. He suggested we go to Vinciguerra Ravioli to buy some pasta. The Great White Hunter, I can safely say; Has never met a ravioli he has not liked. With his limited garbled interpretive directions we managed to find Viniguerra establishment. This small pasta company is located in a building that most likely at one time was a drive-up burger establishment. It was small and eclectic looking business. There was a line at the take out only window indicating a good sign of pasta to come. We berthed 'Black Bart' our vehicle of mass meat gathering, in there spacious lot.

We took our spot in line and surveyed the small menu. It listed several flavors of raviolis and sauce. There were choices such as meat, cheese, pumpkin with sauces such as marinara or pesto. There was also fresh linguine and angel hair pasta sold by the pound.As we were in line we could here Mr. Vinciguerra giving very detailed cooking instructions to the customers ahead of us. These were very lengthy instructions that I am sure Mr. Vinciguerra has repeated hundreds of time. For some reason his instructions of "boil in water until done' had been expanded too epic portions rivaling the tome 'War & Peace". Boy could he talk. The line took forever because of the repeating of his instructional seminar.

We did finally get to purchase our pasta & ravioli. I cannot wait to get home and try them. Below you can see the man in action. I will talk to you soon because I need to 'boil in water till done;.


Big Dude said...

Looks like a place worth visiting - looking forward to the eating part.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I am looking forward to it too. We have been busy with various food related events and have not got a chance to try them yet. Tomorrow we are going to Flemings Steak House to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. So much good food and so little time.

Butchers Daughter said...

Happy birthday Chilibrown! Making through ravioli is such an art form. It's gotta be difficult to learn how to handle pasta that long. Tell us how it tastes!

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr.Chili Brown, Happy birthday. I have to remind you that I am only a imaginary friend. I am only a voice in your head so if you don't understand the directions it is because you never listen. Ms Goofy will back me up. A GWH in a marinara super stupor out!!!!

Chilebrown said...

Butchers Daughter, Thanks for the birthday wish. I am getting younger or at least I feel that way. Have you ever tried Genova's ravioli? One of my all time favorites.

greatwhite hunter, Copy on your imaginary directions. Telling someone they should have turned after you have passed the turn point is about as much help as a gudgeon without a pintle.