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Saturday, March 5, 2016


"Honey Glazed Sweet Heat Decadence'

Did you know Jeff had some famous 'Real Bacon Jerky' that is"Honey Glazed Sriracha Style Black Pepper" flavored ? My friend, Frank that I have know since my teenage years gifted me a package of this jerky to celebrate my 'Big Fat Birthday Month of Celebration". Frank knows what I like. We are excited to try this bacon jerky.
  I really hated to do this; but, I read the ingredient list. There is good and not so good. Bacon is the first listed ingredient. We are getting real bacon today. Sriracha sauce, honey and black pepper are other ingredients that I like. There is a whole slew of preservatives, nitrates and such that may be necessary evils to preserve this product. Finally, one ingredient that always makes my stomach turn a little somersault: "smoke flavoring". The real test and million dollar question is how does it taste?

My first impressions are of honey, black pepper and a very slight Sriracha hit. The jerky finishes with a wonderful mouth feel of bacon lusciousness. We are eating real bacon here. It is not chewy and semi tough like traditional jerky. The texture is soft but enjoyable. It is enjoyable because of all the flavor combinations listed above. They are harmonious and desirable. Sweet, savory (pepper & Sriracha) and most of all the fat in bacon love that I adore. There is a very slight hint of smoke that compliments this flavor package.. This product needs no refrigeration. I may have to carry a package on my person at all times.  Thankyou Frank

Jeff's Famous Foods


Greg said...

Open and use in case of emergency hunger!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I thought I would carry a bag on my person at all times but I ate it.

Jeff's Famous Jerky said...

Thanks so much for reviewing our Sriracha Black Pepper bacon and your great photos! We always appreciate ALL feedback. And a few insider updates for you... we have been working since inception to find a natural bacon but we could not find any supplier that had a great quality in the right thickness that could meet our demands in volume. Just recently after over a year of looking, we have finally found what we are looking for and once we get a deal sealed... we are hoping to have all natural bacon in our bacon products in the months ahead. The real deal Sriracha sauce... the most popular brand of Sriracha is NOT all natural and so to be authentic without sacrificing quality, we will continue to stay with using it in this product flavor. The liquid smoke we use is all natural and safe, 100%. Another popular flavor of our gourmet bacon is Maple Brown Sugar... we hope your guests get a chance to at least try both of these popular flavors! Thanks, Jeff

Chilebrown said...

CreativeBusinessAdventures, Thankyou for your input. I am looking forward to trying your natural bacon products especially the Maple Brown Sugar. I have a quick question for you. Do you sell your products retail in the East Bay 94572. I would love to pick up some more of your products.