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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


This ad was found on Craigslist. I could not resist sharing this with you. I remember my mom saving bacon grease in a designated container kept in the refrigerator. I did not take him up on his offer but I did get a nice chuckle from his ad.


I'm giving away a jar of bacon grease / bacon fat, from hardwood smoked bacon. I make sure to fry it at low or medium heat so as not to burn the grease. It's a beautiful cream color.

It's a great cooking ingredient, but we don't use it in our kitchen. "Bacon butter" or "bacon drippings" are classic with vegetables or Southern cuisine. Many say "You can't fry a potato, season green beans or mustard greens without it."

Traditionally, bacon grease is saved in British and southern U.S. cuisine, and used as a base for cooking and as an all-purpose flavouring.

Killer apps for bacon grease: cornbread, green beans, spinach saute, bacon grease popcorn. How to use it:

Non-food uses: and

Even bacon soap:

Pick up this jar only in-person - I will not respond to texts or large cash offers.

Hop on over and "git cookin'" - come and get it.

NOW: Call me 8am-9:30pm on my cell phone # [five ten} 8 fore seven - eight oh 15 - first come first served - for free.

Location: on Sage Sparrow Circle in southeast Vacaville 95687 (near Alamo Drive/Leisure Town Rd.)


Big Dude said...

We always have a container of bacon grease in the fridge but never thought of offering it to someone.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, We also have a container but I would never give it away or sell it for that matter. Priceless for sure.

Greg said...

Grounds keeper Willie from The Simpson's. You got any grease woman? Then grease me up!!:)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I just looked up the video. Now thats funny.

Greg said...

a classic!