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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Welcome to the  Silicon Valley BBQ Championship 2016. Mother nature was kind with her temperatures hovering in the mid 80's. It was time for another day of fun, sun and bbq. Of course we would like to share a couple of images with you. We really enjoy this event for the special accommodations for the judges. I am talking about an air-conditioned hall with large tables and comfortable chairs The women judges like the inside bathrooms with all accouterments.. In previous years the thermometer wanted to push past the century mark and air conditioning was a blessing. We were tasked with the all important duty of sampling and scoring some of the best bbq on the West Coast. Let the fun begin.

 Crafts, local businesses and plenty of food was offered for the bbq hungry public. There were several live bands to entertain. This event draws a large number of people to enjoy the festivities. After our judging duties we strolled the grounds.

This unit caught my attention. It is some sort of device that regulates air flow from the top vent. It is a prototype that is being developed for market. The person I talked to did not know a lot about the device and only made it sound a little more mysterious.Some further research is needed.

Congratulations to 'Rhythm N Que' for winning the 'Grand Championship". This was another great day. We were in our element. We cannot wait fro the next contest.

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Chilebrown said...

The device is called a BBQbot. It is a prototype and is still being developed. The website does not give a lot of information on how it works either.