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Thursday, June 9, 2016


As some of you may know I have an fondness for knives. I have a collection of custom kitchen knives that I am very proud of. Lately I have been adding to my collection of folding pocket knives. When I met Jerry the "Saw Blade Knife" guy at the Redding Farmers Market I was ecstatic. Ray (Jerry) McHale creates knives with recycled saw blades. I almost walked right by his booth at the market. Jerry beckoned me over to his booth by saying; 'Hey young man, see how thin you can slice this potato."

 Jerry is a delightful character. I surveyed his booth to see a collection of crude looking knife blades. Were they crude?. The more I looked they were actually artistic. Each knife was unique and had its own folk art personality. I took Jerry up on his offer to thinly slice the potato and picked a blade. These knives were razor sharp. The potato was no match for these hand made creations. I was hooked. I inquired; 'Jerry, how much are these knives"?

Jerry told me the price and my jaw dropped in amazement. They were ten dollars a piece or for the longer knives he charged by the inch? Wow! I picked three of my favorite knives and paid Jerry. I now own some very unique razor sharp saw blade knives.  They are beautiful and a piece of art created by Jerry. You never know what you will find at a Farmers Market.

Saw Blade Knives by Ray (Jerry) Mchale
530 221-7722


Big Dude said...

Great find

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I was very happy to run into Jerry. He is quit the character .One cannot have too many knives. Ms. Goofy may not agree.

Greg said...

OH! me likey the the knives!

Unknown said...

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