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Friday, June 3, 2016


We spied a vendor at the Redding Farmers Market that was selling ‘Red Wattle Pig’ chops. Tracy Creek Farm raises Red Wattle hogs. The Red Wattle hog is a heritage breed. The pigs are red in color and have a distinctive wattle on their neck. For some peculiar reason I have always giggled at the mention of wattle. What is a wattle? It is a small flap of skin that dangles from the neck. It serves no real purpose but for my amusement. We have never tried this breed of pig, so, it was game on. We bought a couple of small chops.

We brought the chops home to cook on our grill. There was a fairly big fat cap on these chops. The meat was a dark red in color I left the fat cap on to experience the full flavor of the cut. I did score the fat to prevent curling on the grill. A slight dusting of seasoning was applied. A quick hot fire cooked these chops liquidity spit. Drumroll please. These chops were tender as all get go. The meat had a slight beefy flavor. The flavor actually had a sweetness to it. The fat was heavenly rich and decadent. This was one flavorful chop. If you get a chance I highly recommend giving it a try. We are going to have to return to the Redding Farmers Market.

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